Global Connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) Services

Low Capital Outlay

 Operational Efficiency

Safety and Security

Low Capital Outlay

Open standard, low cost network infrastructure

Ultra-low end device costs (less than €5) with no SIM

High power efficiency (10+ years battery life vs. months for 2G)

Operational Efficiency

Very long (10+ mile) range with exceptional indoor penetration

Native geo-location capabilities (non GPS)


Broadcast capability

Over the Air firmware updates

Safety & Security

Built-in Device, Network and Application security

Carrier Grade system resilience

Innovative Logistics Solutions


Environment Monitoring

Asset Tracking

Real-time System Automation

Cold Chain Management

Resource & Energy Monitoring

Preventive Maintenance

Physical Security

Health Monitoring


LoRa Geolocation is a native, GPS-free solution for low power wide area IoT networks.


With a wealth of experience in satellite backhaul optimisation, the Net Feasa team can integrate IoT wireless networks with all existing or new satellite services.


Working with leading European research institutes, we can implement world class energy harvesting devices for a range of industrial applications.


Better control: track and manage assets in real time, both in transit and when stationary

Operational efficiencies: smart alerts based on environmental and location data

Cost effectiveness: low cost sensors with years of continuous service without battery change

Innovative Logistics Solutions