In Net Feasa, using our combined hundreds of years of industry experience, we have spent the last 30 months extensively researching and testing; IoT, legacy wireless networks, smart grids, location services, to name a few areas. Our objective; a new merged, more intelligent network, a network we like to call; the Network of Knowledge.

Today we start with the modest but critical functionality whereby we are alerted to what a truck is doing (IoT) and one of the things we might do is notify a truck driver that their impending journey is too early, ‘Please wait 8 minutes’. We avoid unnecessary congestion in the port or through the city.

Tomorrow we are incorporating our unique converged networks, our Network of Knowledge, along with a carefully orchestrated 5G Network Slice and we can offer full autonomous driving.

Net Feasa, the Network of Knowledge (Feasa is the Irish word for Knowledge)