On their journey to connect all things, companies must now rethink the way in which they provide best in class products and services to consumers. IoT has introduced a whole new dimension, a dimension of connectivity and all the benefits that will come from; connected products, connected services and connected things. How companies adapt to this IoT connected world and how positivly their offering impacts on people’s day to day lives will underwrite their future growth.

Net Feasa is an R&D and consultancy services company specialising in next generation connectivity services; 4G, 5G, IoT, Smart Connected Grids and the next generation of vehicle connectivity (V2X). We see all these respective networks, in particular; Mobile Networks, Vehicle Networks (V2X) and Smart Grid Networks as converging into one new virtualised (NFV), secure (Data protection compliant) and intelligent (machine learning) network, a network we refer to as; the Network of Knowledge.

Located in one of Ireland’s most picturesque towns, Dingle, Net Feasa is surrounded by timeless culture, creativity and innovation. In September 2017 Dingle was chose by ESBN (Ireland’s Electrical Grid owners) as the host region for Ireland’s 2030 next generation smart grid. The Dingle Peninsula, once heralded by National Geographic as ‘the most beautiful place on earth’, is steeped in history, ancient architecture, folklore, music, art, local craft makers and designers. It is from these surrounds that Net Feasa (meaning Network of Knowledge) has put together an experienced international telecommunications team focused on meeting the demands of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the Internet of Things (IoT).

If you want to benefit from this network convergence revolution and the recurring revenue windfall that will come from connecting the next 50 Billion Things, contact our team at info@netfeasa.com.

Meet The Team

Ian O’Shea

Chief Technical Officer

Mike Godley


Ruth Concannon

Chief Operating Officer

Ian Walter

Chief Executive Officer

Nikola Nestorov


Jerry O’Sullivan

CFO & Company Secretary

Richard Lord


Mike Fitzgerald