Business Reimagined at Net Feasa

Net Feasa has partnered with Vodafone to deliver Global IoT Coverage to the world’s containers. This partnership will bring the world’s containers alive and into the cloud, enabling transportation and logistics companies to make extensive cost savings and carbon footprint reductions through the analysis of valuable real-time data, detailing where the container is at all times.

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End-to-End Global Monitoring of Reefer Shipping Containers with Net Feasa and Multitech

The Net Feasa Vessel 4.0 Global IoT solution is the world’s first full fleetwide deployment of IoT remote reefer monitoring system and is actively engaged with multiple shipping companies. Vessel 4.0 operates as a private network on board vessels and ensures critical data is available on the vessel bridge, an evolution from having engineers manually walk their way around a container vessel to ensure that power & environmental parameters are set correctly.

Smart shipping container use case demonstration

A fantastic few days in Cork with Tyndall and the Energy ECS consortium to mark the two year milestone in this project. Culminating in a tour of the Port of Cork and Net Feasa IoTPASS demonstration for the Smart Container Use Case. Thanks to the Port of Cork for facilitating and welcoming the group.


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