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By April 16, 2024press release

Net Feasa expands its vessel network to accommodate all reefer manufacturers and dry box tracking providers on one platform

Press Release

Net Feasa, known for pioneering vessel-based wireless connectivity for shipping containers, has expanded its Vessel Control Tower to support all IoT-enabled cargo. This platform ensures seamless connectivity across all vendors for all IoT-enabled reefer & dry containers, providing the crew with crucial early notifications of temperature anomalies and potential fire threats across all cargo containers.

Additionally, Vessel Control Tower enables visibility and notifications from strategically placed IoT sensors on the vessel, such as heat sensors on car decks, for early detection of heat anomalies, including pre-smoke/gas alerts from electric vehicles. This is significant for the industry, at a time when the EV export boom is increasing the incidence of fires aboard car-carrying ships.

Access to this level of reefer and dry container information on a single platform on board the vessel ensures streamlined monitoring and early detection of potential issues, enhancing crew efficiency and safety measures. By consolidating data from various IoT-enabled cargo sources, the crew can proactively address temperature anomalies and fire threats, minimizing risks and ensuring smooth operations throughout the voyage.

“This marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey towards enhancing the safety, security, quality control and efficiency of cargo transportation at sea.” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chairman of Net Feasa. “Leveraging advanced wireless IoT networks and security expertise, our platform offers unparalleled insights and control over the condition of cargo, enabling proactive threat detection and swift response time to mitigate against risks, optimize operations, and safeguard the cargo”

Key features of Vessel Control Tower include:

  • Real-time asset monitoring of multi-vendor Reefers
  • Proactive threat detection and alerting from Smart Containers e.g. heat anomaly detection on/in Dry Boxes
  • Fully compliant and integrated into existing visualisation platforms
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities
  • Cyber secure wireless networks and data storage

From crew and cargo safety, to reducing the associated costs of damage and loss at sea, Net Feasa remains dedicated to delivering exceptional value and service to the shipping industry. By combining cutting-edge IoT technology with decades of industry experience in this sector, Net Feasa is setting a new standard for maritime visibility, security, quality control and efficiency.

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About Net Feasa Ltd.

Net Feasa is a trusted IoT Service Provider dedicated to facilitating maritime vessel and portside visibility, as the intermodal shipping industry embraces Digital Transformation.  Our early IoT experience has allowed us to build and refine an AI-based data-generating wireless IoT platform, one which orchestrates the flow of context-aware and actionable data, from the sensor to The Bridge and The Cloud.

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