The digital transformation of the supply chain is a critical focus for transportation, yet ironically less than 4% of the 30 million (active) containers are connected. Containers, carrying close to 90% of the world’s trade, must evolve into intelligent edge devices. Net Feasa has set out to achieve this. Over the last 5 years we have tested, trialled (in ports and on-board ships; in the US and EU) and assessed all new advances in technology relating to Industry 4.0. We are a fully licenced mobile IoT service provider with a large IMSI and MSISDN range and can supply our own SIM cards, while at the same time working with tier1 MNOs to offer global data connectivity.

The Net Feasa management team is comprised of a group of pioneers in maritime and aeronautical wireless connectivity and edge computing; we have designed and deployed networks on over 500 container ships and over 800 commercial aircraft. Working with Shipping Companies, Ports, Partners and leading Research Institutes, Net Feasa has designed an ultra-low-cost connectivity and power efficient network edge solution targeting the world’s dry container market, using open standards-based technology.

As we shift from the legacy era of M2M (Machine 2 Machine) to 5G’s Massive Machine Type & LPWAN (IoT) technologies the challenge becomes; how do we connect all these new things at the lowest possible cost. Net Feasa has developed IoTPASS™, a global Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) solution initially targeting the intermodal market segment. Using our IoT Management platform EvenKeel™, we can seamlessly provide both licenced and unlicensed LPWAN technologies such as LoRa, LTE(NB-IoT, Cat-M) and 5G into our CaaS offering.