Today, 90% of global trade is transported through shipping containers (Source: International Maritime Organization) and of the approximately 29 million containers in active circulation, only a small number are connected. Existing procedures for tracking the location of containers relies on the tracking of trucks, ships and trains which transport the containers in the ports and yards through which these intermodal containers pass. This has created a massive and expensive logistical challenge for shipping companies, and a series of disparate silos of data have evolved as a result. With the evolution of Massive Machine IoT and through exploiting AI and energy harvesting techniques, Net Feasa is seizing this global opportunity in trusted container connectivity with its IoTPASS™ solution. IoTPASS™ tracks and monitors the container itself, providing a single unified data set that is consistent and reliable across the global supply chain.

By securely sitting in the grooves of the container door, IoTPASS™ will track and monitor the container globally and make this real-time data available to existing industry platforms. Actors across the supply chain can then use this data to better manage the locations of their container fleets, optimise Empty Container Repositioning, detect abnormal door openings, confirm demurrage & detention times, store electronic Bill of Lading and so much more with this data – the potential is endless.

Taking advantage of several disruptive yet standards based emerging technologies, Net Feasa is introducing a new business model that is sustainable, energy efficient and market driven, overcoming some of the key barriers to entry for IoT deployments in the Past. This solution offers true visibility and trusted traceability across the supply chain.

Key highlights of IoTPASS™

Business Model: The world’s largest shipping companies require an efficient, reliable, and uniform means of tracking and monitoring the containers that transport their goods.
Battery life: Current wireless IoT devices use batteries that deplete typically within 12-24 months depending on the frequency of the reporting period. IoTPASS™ minimises power drain and maximises the use of available energy sources to extend battery life up to the lifespan of the container itself.
Connectivity: IoTPASS™ dynamically selects the lowest cost and most energy efficient connectivity option to only transmits actionable data.
AI Driven business capabilities & insights: IoTPASS™ will harvest data relating to the container’s environment (context aware), and using Machine Learning reveal unique insights e.g., Energy Efficient Geo-location, door open/close, estimated weight, etc.
Massive Machine: IoTPASS™ is an out of the box, low operational cost IoT solution.