Net Feasa announces the launch of EvenKeel™

June  10th 2019

EvenKeel™ is a Digital Transformation enablement platform, allowing Shipping companies and Ports a smooth transition through this transformation by addressing geo-regional logistics challenges and a host of IoT Use Cases all of which are designed to improve operational efficiencies and reduce costs. We can also support 3rd party applications.  As global security concerns including health, safety and traceability increase, the tracking and monitoring of all moving assets in the intermodal container chain is becoming the industry norm. Flexible and cost-efficient solutions are needed to address both cold chain and dry containers. The heterogeneous, multi-radio access solution with intelligent access selection provided by Net Feasa’ iRSF (intelligent Regulatory Spectrum management Function) forms a key component of our compliance to GSMA and LoRa Alliance (regional ISM bands) broadcasting requirements.

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