Net Feasa brings security to the core of the Smart Container

Functionality offers new services revenue to shipping companies

Amsterdam, Oct. 10th, 2023

Net Feasa, a leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) digital transformations solutions to the maritime, aeronautical, and intermodal transportation industries, has announced a patent pending security enhancement to its leading IoTPASS™ Smart Container Tracking solution. The device (‘An Apparatus for Monitoring of Transport Containers’) forms a security bridge between the locking bar and the container and uses Net Feasa’s Context Aware AI functionality to intelligently interpret security infringements and/or anomalies.

The design also simplifies the installation of IoTPASS™. It is easily snapped onto the locking bar of the container door, spun into place, after which it will immediately start transmitting key data of the containers journey. Data including security infringements, such as unauthorised door opening, route deviation, prolonged dwell time and other shipment anomalies. The complete solution addresses both the ‘single journey’ and the ‘permanent install’ in the Smart Container market. This IoTPASS™ model will launch with the groundbreaking 2023 Mobile Satellite release which will default to satellite reporting when outside of a mobile network coverage.

“IoTPASS™ now enables us to interpret container security and integrity infringements while containers are in-transit wherever they are. This development will lead to the improvement of the supply chain risk management services right across the shipping industry, generating additional revenue streams.” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chairman of Net Feasa

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Net Feasa is a trusted IoT Service Provider dedicated to facilitating industries as they step through their Digital Transformations.  Our early IoT experience has allowed us the time to build and refine an AI based data generating wireless IoT platform – one which orchestrates the flow of context aware and actionable data, directly from the sensor to The Cloud. Our compliance-based connectivity solutions are embedded in the heart of global communications networks e.g., Supply Chains 4.0 and Smart Agri. Find Net Feasa on LinkedIn, on Twitter, or at

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