Net Feasa commends Traxens on its acquisition of Next4, building further momentum in our common goal to Connect every Shipping Container on earth

By February 8, 2022press release

With $14 trillion of goods shipped annually in standardised steel containers, connectivity is now a prerequisite to operational efficiency and our goal to reduce the carbon footprint of Supply Chain 4.0. Net Feasa’s unique energy efficient AI based ‘Context Aware’ wireless network (we know where every Box is at all times) allows us to adapt and direct all energy consuming functions of the tracking device. This brings battery life into a new frontier; total life cycle.

Containers, all 30 million of them, are not tracked directly. This means information flow is poor and current tracking processes are excessively manual, important data is lost all over the Supply Chain and the opportunity to cut costs and the underlying carbon footprint is lost with it. Net Feasa’s service combines our global AI ‘Knowledge’ network with our IoTPASS tracking device saving energy, time, and money for operators in Supply Chain 4.0.

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