Net Feasa supports Teagasc to bring innovative IoT Connectivity to 300 Slurry Tanks

By March 22, 2023press release

Project will open Anaerobic Digester market to system-wide stakeholders across the agriculture and energy value chain.

Net Feasa’s EvenKeel™ IoT Connectivity & Visibility platform has been successfully deployed in the Smart Agri, Refrigerated Transportation and Smart Container markets.   

Dingle, Kerry, 22 March 2023

Net Feasa, an Internet of Things (IoT) company based in Dingle, Ireland, is delighted to announce that it has been successful in its bid to Teagasc (Ireland’s Agriculture and Food Development Authority), for the provision of the Supply of Instruments to measure the Production of Soiled Water and Slurry. Net Feasa, having worked with farmers and Teagasc for several years, is perfectly placed to help implement sustainable farming solutions.

Ruth Concannon, COO of Net Feasa said; “Our role as technology providers is to facilitate farmers, retail providers, hoteliers, and restaurateurs in their drive to bring down their respective carbon footprints. IoT sensor technology, innovative visibility platforms and cutting-edge data analytics create an abundance of opportunities for groups or cooperatives in the Anaerobic Digester (AD) space. Getting waste to the AD economically and consistently is only part of the equation. It is also critical that a cooperative can share in the returns from long-term quality supply from local farmers. EvenKeel™ enables this.”

With strong ties to Smart Agri and Smart Water e.g. The Farm Ambassador 2018 and EU Ploutos H2020 project Net Feasa’s EvenKeel is a proven IoT platform that supports data driven decision making for sustainability solutions in agriculture. Sensors measuring; soil conditions, milk levels, slurry levels, water conditions and weather have all been successfully implemented and data is available to the farmers to help them with their decision making. Under the recently awarded tender Net Feasa will bring connectivity and visibility to over 300 slurry tanks.  EvenKeel™, Net Feasa’s IoT Device Management platform, is the central platform for gathering and analysing data from multiple sources which can be used for smart farming and sustainability-based solutions.

About Net Feasa Ltd.

Net Feasa is a trusted IoT Service Provider dedicated to facilitating industries as they step through their Digital Transformations.  Our early IoT experience has allowed us the time to build and refine an AI based data generating wireless IoT platform – one which orchestrates the flow of context aware and actionable data, directly from the sensor to The Cloud. Our compliance-based connectivity solutions are embedded in the heart of global communications networks e.g., Supply Chains 4.0 and Smart Agri.

Net Feasa Contacts: Enquiries to:     Ireland: +353 (0) 86 3072465

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