We have built solutions to track and locate capital assets such as chassis, cranes, forklifts, carts etc. and project assets such as materials and individual component items. Our connectivity solutions are applicable to both yards and ports, and we can provide global connectivity for tracked assets that move outside specific locations. Project materials and components can be tracked from the factory to the lay down and assembly yard and then onwards to the eventual deployment or construction site for industries such as; construction, wind turbine installation, drilling rig etc.  We combine technologies and integrate them under our EvenKeel™ device management platform; 

  • High precision RTK satellite positioning rovers with options for NB-LTE, LTE-M, WiFi, LoRAWAN. 
  • LoRaWAN tags equipped with motion detectors (e.g. accelerometers) as needed for the specific use case.
  • RFID tags or QR/Bar codes as required by use case.
  • Machine learning based positioning techniques running on site or in the cloud.  
  • Geo location-based controls and alert and alarms.
  • Cloud or site based IoT management system with EvenKeel™.