Anaerobic Digestor Facilitator

Anaerobic digestion (AD) has evolved as a front-runner in sustainable farming. Slurry can act as a major component in the process of anaerobic digestion producing biomethane which can be injected into the gas grid or used locally. Slurry height tank monitoring sensors, across the farm and broader community farms could establish a reliable energy source and ensure a constant supply of energy while minimizing carbon emissions. Next-generation Smart food waste bins can be added to this ecosystem, facilitating farmers, retail providers, hoteliers, and restaurateurs in their drive to reduce their respective carbon footprints.

The construction of Anaerobic digestion plants across the world has led to many achieving ‘carbon offset accreditation’. Now that this has been achieved (AD qualification) Net Feasa can join with Anaerobic Digestion Operators, suppliers, and Co-Ops to make implementation in communities seamless.

Net Feasa is in a pivotal position to facilitate Anaerobic Digestion deployments in the community.  Analysing slurry tank data, food waste data, etc. in combination with other data provides a breadth of new opportunities e.g.

  • % capacity utilisation/availability and forecasts on same.
  • It can be further extended to develop a view on embodied energy content.
  • It can support higher visibility and decision-support to
    • On-farm spreading activity, as well as off-farm spreading (on other farms)
    • Delivery to ADs
    • Delivery of food waste to ADs

The real-time nature of the reporting and forecasting potential represents massive individual and system-wide benefits.  The use cases generated here are relevant to multiple actors.

  • Individual farms /farmers
  • Groups of farmers (virtual co-ops and/or water-system adjacent groups of farms etc)
  • Retail Groups
  • Hotels
  • Anaerobic Digestor operators
  • Agricultural contractors
  • Agricultural consultants
  • Agri compliance monitoring
  • Agri research
  • Retired farmers (owners of unused slurry tank storage capacity e.g. asset owners).

Net Feasa’s mature IoT management platform, EvenKeel, can present public stakeholders as well as private industry with a ready-made critical and dependable supply chain solution that supports a breadth of key processes.

  • Production planning
  • Work scheduling
  • Route optimisation
  • Record-keeping
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Compliance reporting
  • Billing
  • Payments etc.

EvenKeel for Smart Farming

Net Feasa’s innovative farming solutions increase the quality and quantity of agricultural products while optimising human labor requirements.  This solution integrates third-party sensors with EvenKeel using LPWAN radio technologies. Data from the sensors is then passed through data analytics and machine learning tools to provide insights and predictions to help farmers optimise their agricultural practices.

With solutions deployed on hundreds of farms, Net Feasa is offering the following use cases to both farmers and farming organisations.

Use Cases

Milk Monitoring

Real time monitoring of milk tanks allows farmers to detect when the milk yield is up/down after every milking. This allows for early detection of problems and allows the farmer to take corrective actions instead of previously waiting for the milk truck collection to give this data to a farmer every 4 days.

Slurry Monitoring

Improved management of slurry storage allows farmers to optimize the management of slurry storage, reducing the risk of overflow and improving storage efficiency.

Weather Monitoring

Real time and historic weather patterns allows farmers to make more informed decisions on their farm. A basic example of this is a farmer checking rainfall overnight to understand grass growth in the coming days.

Grass Growth

With real time weather & soil conditions, farmers can predict the level of grass growth in the coming days for their animals. EvenKeelTM can enhance this by incorporating Earth Observation (EO) technologies to measure and predict grass growth.

Fertilizer Spreading

By combining IoT technologies from weather, soil, and slurry tanks, EvenKeelTM assists farmers in:

  • Better Planning of Slurry Application
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Improved Grass Growth
  • Compliance with Regulations

Monitoring Emissions

This enhanced management of slurry ensures the increased visibility, safety, utilisation, and monitoring of slurry on farms. This can lead to a reduction in slurry run-off, methane emissions, and costs associated with the production and use of slurry.

Milk Truck Optimisation

Monitoring milk tank levels in farms can help improve milk truck routing by providing real-time data on the amount of milk available for pickup. This information can be used to optimise the route of the milk truck, reducing the distance and time required for pickups. By reducing the time and distance required for pickups, the milk truck routing can be optimized, resulting in reduced fuel consumption, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction.