Net Feasa specialises in fully managing next generation remote sensor/telemetry/IoT networks.  These networks go beyond mere connectivity, enabling an entirely new value added capability for global suppliers of IoT devices. Net Feasa focuses on managing and changeling critical information back to the suppliers, ensuring a proactive management and maintenance of IoT devices. Our supervision encompasses operational proficiency and the necessity for a more contextualized handling of information flow. The IoT is not simply about managing the tens of billions of new devices requiring connectivity to the internet, it is about meeting the new demands of end users, the demands of global suppliers, it is about incorporating this with; location, the local environment, other external and internal environmental impacts and influences and getting the right meaningful information to all parties seamlessly.

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Net Feasa is fully managing a next generation tourism connectivity experience, it is a  ‘Contextual Content Platform’, based at the tourist site and it combines WiFi access, remote sensing, user profiling and data mining while leveraging state of the art Recommender Systems algorithms based on AI techniques and ensuring that all edge based applications have easy access to fully contextualized information systems.